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How to write product descriptions that sell

Writing a good product description is a good investment for your e-commerce business. Well-formulated and well-thought-out product descriptions can increase sales and attract the right target group to your online store. In addition, good product descriptions can give your page better ranking in the search engines. Hard to say no to, right?

While most customers make their purchase decision on the product images, the product description helps fill in the gaps to determine if the product fits the customer or not. By educating the customer on the key benefits and offering a solution to a frustrating problem, your product description can help increase sales, lower returns and build customer confidence. 

What is a product description?
A product description is the text that describes the features and benefits of a product. The goal of the product description is to provide the customer with enough information to help them want to buy the product. To write a product description that converts, you must write a text that convinces the customer to want to buy from your particular online store. What problem does your product solve? What does your customer get from using your product? What sets your products apart from others in the market? 

It's all about writing positive, informative and simple product texts that produce the products in an attractive way. The text can either be informative, or more personal to create a feel for the product. How you choose to write depends on your industry, type of product and the target group for the product. 

How you choose to write your texts also plays a role in the entirety of your online store. What experience and feeling do you want to convey? Should it, for example, be perceived as serious or should it be more personal? This is good to determine early so that all your product texts will be coherent.

Write product descriptions that sell

1. Get to Know Your Audience
Remember that not "Everyone" is your ideal customer. One mistake people make is that they try to write product descriptions for all customers in an attempt to increase the number of purchases. Different people have different reasons for buying a product, therefore you cannot generalize. Before you start writing, your first job is to know who your target audience is. What difficulties / problems do they have and how will your product help the target group overcome these difficulties?

Start by doing an analysis and ask yourself the questions:

  • Who could benefit most from this product?
  • What problems will this product solve?
  • Why should they buy from me instead of a competitor?
  • What words or phrases do they use when talking about the product?

Use these questions to develop a target audience and see for yourself the target audience as you begin working on your product descriptions.

2. Write your own description
Avoid using the manufacturer's product descriptions. By writing your own text, you avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content and you improve your chances of writing a product description that converts your target audience.

3. Structure texts effectively
Not many people read long texts online, customers scan and skim. Therefore, it is extremely important to structure your product description in such a way that it can easily be taken in by your target audience. Here are some points to help you along the way:

  • Use subheadings in the description
  • Use 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  • Use numbering or dots
  • Divide longer sentences into shorter ones
  • Edit and delete what you don't need

4. Tell a story
Use your product description to tell a story. It may be a story about why your customer needs this product to solve their problems, or about the product's benefits. 

5. Think about SEO
Google is an important part of designing your descriptions. SEO customizing your texts increases the chance of driving the right traffic to your online store .

One thing that is important to Google is the length of the texts. Google wants each product text to be about 300 words long. This can in many cases be impossible, as companies find it difficult to spend the time required to write good, unique texts for each product. Try not to write fewer words than 100. Fewer words make it difficult for Google to understand and interpret the content of the text correctly.

6. Respond to everything and create a template
Remember that your product description should answer all questions that the customer may have. Size chart, colors, dimensions and delivery conditions are extra important to be clear with. Always remember that it takes time to write unique and thoughtful product descriptions. Create a template and instruction for yourself that you can always use when writing your texts. 


  • Product name and brand in the first sentence
  • item List
  • benefits
  • Properties and dimensions with separate middle headings

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