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    Get started with Google Search Console

    A valuable tool that we use extensively is the Google Search console . Search console is a free tool that gives you information about your online store's placements in Google's search results. With the help of the tool, you get a deeper insight into your organic search traffic example - what search terms your customers are searching for and where these keywords are placed on Google. Search console also gives you useful information about how your store is doing in the form of technical status updates.

    We at Red Carpet use Search console when we work with both the website's SEO (search engine optimization) and Google Ads. The information you receive thanks to the Search console can help you find more suitable search terms to advertise on, choose more suitable URLs for search ads and optimize information on the website. By adapting the advertising and the website to what people are looking for can increase the relevance and quality of ads, which leads to us being able to streamline our customers' click budget. This allows for more clicks within the same budget.Start Free Trial

    How do I enable Google Search Console?

    There are several ways to activate the Google Search console. Step one is to enter your URL under the URL Prefix when you are inside the tool.

    The second step is to choose which way you want to verify that you own the site. The easiest way is to verify that you are the owner through Google Analytics. This means that if you are the owner of an Analytics account that is linked to your ecommerce store, you can easily verify yourself as the owner in that way. Do not forget that you need to set up the Search console account with the same email address that you have entered on Analytics to be able to verify you as the owner.

    Another way to set up your Search console is through an HTML tag. All you have to do is log in to your site and add the Search console meta tag to your code. There is a clear description of where it should be placed. Some platforms are easier than others when it comes to adding tags, should you need assistance, your web provider will be able to assist you.

    When the Search console account is activated, it can take a couple of days before it starts presenting data, so have some ice in your stomach. Once the data starts to roll in, you can link your Google Analytics account and your Search console account to be able to see information for Search console directly in Analytics' own tools if you want. Personally, I prefer to have work from Search consoles own layout.

    Below we have gathered a couple of links that can be helpful when you start with Google Search Console:
    Connect your store to Google Search Console
    How to connect Google Search Console with Analytics

    Hope you enjoy the Google Search console as much as we do at Red Carpet! If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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