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    The SEO Expert's Best Tips for Succeeding at Keyword Optimization

    Many people turn their backs on technical keyword optimization. It can feel difficult and often a little abstract. But there are simple steps you can take in Abicart to help Google better understand your site and make it easier for you to understand your customers. Here are 3 technical tips that you can use to improve your ranking and increase your organic traffic!

    1. Structured data in Abicart

    You may not recognize the term "structured data", but you have definitely seen the result of it in the search results. This is because this means that you can, for example, see the price, rating and stock status of a product directly on Google's search page. Structured data is a type of script code. A way for Google to understand important parts of a page, and to implement it on some platforms can be quite technical and complicated. Do not worry. Abicart has made it easy for you. Namely, they have built this function into the system itself. So you use already structured data on your store at Abicart without perhaps knowing about it! But precisely because many do not know about it, you do not take full advantage of it, even though it is very easy to do.

    How to use structured data for your products
    The only thing you need to do to create good structured data on your products is to fill in as much information as you can for each product. Fields such as name, price and stock status have most already been filled in, but many leave the GTIN and SKU fields empty, for example. They can help Google identify exactly what product you are selling. SKU is the manufacturer's article number, and is extra important if you sell products from a larger brand. GTIN is the number sequence that is found, for example, in the bar code, ie EAN code or for books ISBN code. If your product has a barcode, fill it in here!

    How to use structured data for your business
    Structured data can contain more than just product information, such as basic information about your organization. Here too, Abicart has made it extra flexible for you by building it into the system. All you have to do is fill in the fields under Settings - Store Information - Company Information. Maybe you have already filled in these fields, but otherwise: Do it!

    2. SSL certificate - why is it important?

    You may not recognize the concept of SSL certificate, even if you encounter the phenomenon on a daily basis. An SSL certificate is a type of encryption that makes the information on your website secure. This is something that both Google and visitors often attach great importance to in order to determine if it is a serious store or not. All pages that have an encryption get an extra letter in the url: http S instead of http. If the encryption works correctly, a small padlock or the text Secure can also be seen in the address field.

    Do not have an active SSL certificate in your store? Then our strong recommendation is to get it! If you are a customer of Abicart, SSL is included in all their packages from the start! 

    3. Use subheadings (H2)

    When Google has to decide what a page is about, one of the first parts that the algorithm looks at is the headlines. Which is not so strange, we humans do too. In your store, the products and categories are automatically given a main heading (in code it is called H1). But there are also more levels of headings, and by using subheadings in, for example, product descriptions , you help both visitors and Google to get a better overview of your product faster. Inside each product or category at Abicart, there are fields for texts under product properties. In the Description field you will find the text that will be on your product page and here you can advantageously have a longer text with subheadings in level H2. You can easily create a headline with the small code “<H2>” before the headline text and then “</H2>” after the headline text.

    Note that you should NOT add headings with the code H1 in the description, it can be confusing for Google, compared to if you have a book with two titles. Books have a book title (cf. H1) and then several chapter titles (cf. H2), the same thinking applies to your website. Also remember to include words in the headings that clearly describe what kind of product it is.

    If you follow the above 3 tips, Google will understand (and like!) Your page and eventually give you more organic traffic. For beginner tips on SEO follow this link.

    Good luck and feel free to contact Red Carpet for advice!   

    Redcarpet is a digital marketing agency in Alingsås that helps companies to advance their digital marketing and presence throughout Sweden.  Visit their website here

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