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    The tips you as an ecommerce owner need to succeed with Black Friday

    The highlight of the year is soon here and as usual, Black Friday is predicted to break new records. This year, Black Friday falls on November 27 and shortly thereafter, Christmas shopping will also start. We at Abicart have prepared a short guide which will help you before, during and after the Black Friday sale. 

    What to prepare before Black Friday

    Use and analyze data from last year
    Analyze and evaluate previous years' data and look for trends. With simple analysis tools such as Google Trends , you can gain a lot of knowledge and see which keywords / terms were popular during previous years' Black Friday. Keep these questions in mind:

    • How did it go last year?
    • What were your best products?
    • Which day did you sell best? The whole weekend or a certain day?
    • Where did the visitors come from? Mobile or computer?
    • What percentage of sales came from new customers?
    • How did the marketing perform before Black Friday - which strategies worked best?

    Develop and inform your customers about offers
    Before Black Friday, it is important that your customers receive information about the offers that you have produced for this particular day. Make sure your store is updated with the right information so that customers can easily get ready for purchase when the time comes. Many chains and e-retailers have substantial discounts during Black Friday, but here you can of course calculate your own pricing model based on your company's conditions. 

    Let your customers know about your upcoming offers and give them an opportunity to get involved. You can do this by maybe sending out a newsletter or engaging them on social media. That way, you make sure you get the customers' attention when the time comes.

    Most customers like to shop by phone (yes, it's still relevant)
    This has been said very many times now, but mobile optimization is the key. Mobile has been the focus for e-retailers for a long time as customers are continuously becoming more technically savvy and looking for smooth experiences across several different channels. Therefore, make sure that your customers can easily navigate and make purchases via mobile without any problems. 

    Bonus points!

    • Review the marketing and where to spend it. Remember that you should reach out to your customers where they are.
    • Customize the look of your e-commerce so that visitors can easily find your Black Friday deals. This can be, for example, through a banner on the start page or highlighted product groups in the menu. 
    • Is it possible to supplement product descriptions further? Can you add more or new photos? The more you work with your product descriptions, the more you can reduce the number of returns.
    • Test the customer journey several times. Is it easy to find the desired products and get to the checkout?

    Start an online 

    To think about during Black Friday

    Always be available for your customers
    It should be easy for your customers (and potential customers) to get in touch with you during Black Friday. The last thing you want is to lose a customer because it does not get a quick enough response. Therefore, make sure it is easy for customers to contact you throughout Black Friday. Maybe you need to extend your support times for a certain period? 

    Keep in touch with the customer throughout
    Do not lose contact with the customer after a completed purchase. Keep in touch with the customer all the way and inform about what happens to the order. Have you packed and sent the order? When can the customer expect their package? If you keep in touch with the customer, you avoid unnecessary questions and the customer knows what to expect.

    Save useful information for the next sales period
    In order not to lose customers after the sale, it can be smart to regularly collect the data you get access to during Black Friday. You can, for example, use the information you receive when you send out newsletters for Christmas shopping. Then you have a chance to attract back customers who have already shopped with you and been satisfied with their purchases. 

    Preparation for after Black Friday

    How did it really go?
    When Black Friday is over, you have also done an important genre rehearsal for the Christmas shopping. Therefore, it is good to gather the experiences you have gained and take them with you to the next sales period. Find out all the numbers and compare the results with previous years.  

    Below are five questions that can help you evaluate Black Friday. Go through the questions to see what went well and what can be done better for the next sales period. Based on the answers, it can be smart to develop an action plan so that you can start the change work right now. Then you have plenty of time to adjust and refine the routines and thus get good conditions to achieve even better results next time.

    5 questions to help you evaluate Black Friday

    • What went well and what could have gone better?
    • Did you meet your set goals?
    • Are you satisfied with the sale? 
    • Did you have enough products in stock? 
    • Were you able to keep your promised delivery times?

    During sales days like Black Friday, a lot of time is spent capturing customers' interest through offers in newsletters, advertisements and social media. The expectations of making a good purchase are the customers' highest priority. But how can you keep customers' interest after Black Friday further towards Christmas shopping? 

    A recurring trend in e-commerce every Christmas is the Advent calendar. Thousands of emails are sent out every day in December with unique offers where you have to be first in line to secure the offer. This is an effective way to capture and retain customers' interest throughout Christmas shopping. In addition to your daily offers that generate additional sales, you can strengthen your store's brand, establish long-term loyalty with your customers and highlight the best with your range.

    We at Abicart hope that you have been given really good conditions to succeed with this year's Black Friday and Christmas shopping. But above all, your most important focus should be on what is best for you and your business. Good luck with the sale!

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