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How to write the perfect Instagram profile

Attaining perfection while creating an Instagram profile is indeed a challenge considering it falls prey to people’s first encounter. For those of you wondering why an eye-catching bio for your Instagram business account is important, let us recall the old phrase, “First Impressions last”. 

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram marketing is a dynamic yet affordable way for businesses to reach prospective customers. For a platform with this wide reach, it is fundamental to make sure your Instagram Business Account is perfect. And for that, a remarkable Bio is essential after all, it's the first thing anyone sees when they discover your page. 

Elements of a good profile:

You want to catch the user’s attention while maintaining a unique personality and often there is a lot of important information to convey but very little space. So, let’s start with understanding what goes into a standard profile.

1. Username

As people search you through the username be very careful while you select one. Including Social Proof by getting your account verified, increases credibility, and gives you the ability to speak about your brand with more authority.

2. Profile Photo

It’s a business account, and your profile picture should serve that purpose. The image of your product or the brand logo is best advised and needs to look appealing, both on your profile and in the feed. Make sure your profile picture agrees with the colour palette of your whole feed.

3. Bio 

When it comes to Bio, Instagram has set a limit of 150 characters to describe your company and its function. The words chosen should throw light on the company’s mission and what it stands for. The bio reflects the character of the company therefore add target keywords, that indicate what kind of content users can find on your account.

4. Website

The goal of the Instagram Business Account is to create more traffic to your website and the only place where you can directly and actively link a website is in your bio.

5. Business Account

It is important to convert your account into a business account to access features that can help you grow and promote your business. Follow the below steps to convert your account into a business account.

So, how to do it?

  1. Go to Settings. Select Account.
  2. Click on Switch to Professional Account.
  3. Choose Business.
  4. You can connect your business account to your Business Page on Facebook
  5. Add details (business category and contact information)
  6. Tap and Done.

This feature is available in the app version. As Facebook is linked, the Business category you used on your Facebook Page will automatically appear on your Instagram. But it is possible to specifically modify your business category by clicking Business information under Edit Profile. You can add a Subcategory in addition to this but please note that only the selected subcategory will be appearing on the Instagram bio.

Bonus Tip: Why create a business account?


  1. Ability to use Instagram Advertising and Make Promoted Posts
  2. Ability to Add Call to Action
  3. Ability to Add Links to Instagram Stories – directing users to your blog posts or landing pages
  4. Access to Instagram Analytics – this can show your post-performance, followers’ activity and audience insights
  5. Ability to schedule your posts ahead of time


  1. You won’t be able to make your posts private
  2. You will lose the ability to link multiple Facebook profiles (however, there is an option to add your Facebook Business account)

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