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    Start an online store with minimal investment

    Starting a new business that too online might seem like a big risk considering the time, money, and hard work involved. However, on researching a bit you will realize that e-Commerce is one of the best businesses to start right now in India. And to successfully start one, understanding the basics of e-commerce is a must. If you have a reasonable initial capital to invest however little it may be, we have few tips that will make things easier for you. 

    There are a number of low investment business ideas that can be great starting points for young entrepreneurs, first-timers, bootstrappers, or anyone who is looking to set up a side business. Let’s go step by step with what goes into setting up an online business and how you can make it efficient enough to lower your investments.

    Search the Right Product for your Online Store

    benjamin-dada-EDZTb2SQ6j0-unsplashChoosing the right niche and products is critical for the success of your eCommerce business. But don’t just decide to sell a product because it sells a lot in the market because this automatically means that it has a high degree of competition. You should be passionate about your product, then only you will be able to differentiate yourself from others. Always try to choose a product which you believe is worth buying and your knowledge is more than an average buyer.

    Think about why people would buy from you. You need to provide them with something they believe will offer more value than the amount they pay, and which you can supply at a profit.  Yes,  selling a product that has high margins or a greater perceived value is always a killer proposition. Here are some good product ideas to sell:


    • Print On Demand T-shirts - T-shirts have been an important part of wardrobes across the globe for a long time. Its popularity is what attracts a lot of entrepreneurs to start their own T-shirt businesses.
    • Sell handcrafted and homemade goods - If you’re a maker—whether you DIY soap, candles, sauces, or pottery—you’re in a unique position to start an online business since product development and procurement are literally in your hands.

    For more ideas visit our blog on choosing most profitable ecommerce product ideas:

    Choose a platform to sell

    You can consider two options when it comes to selling online: 

    • Either put your products on Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc
    • Or sell from your own Online Store

    We recommend the latter and here’s why:
    Marketplace vs Your Own Small Online Store - Marketplaces have customers because of their brand and the ability to invest money in promoting products. You just need to upload your products there and the rest is taken care of.

    Creating a small online store requires a lot more effort. You not only sell here but also build a brand of your own  You are not lost in the marketplaces with other merchants. For small businesses involving one or two people, ecommerce service providers are the best option.

    Remember, if your product qualifies for dropshipping, don’t miss out on this opportunity. If you have already researched about online selling, this word might have appeared quite a number of times. Dropshipping is a product delivery technique where the seller is the one who accepts the payment, but the client gets the product straight from the manufacturer. The profit of the seller in this transaction comes from the difference between the retail price of the item that was sold and the wholesale. This type of process comes with benefits for both manufacturers and retailers, but it is not fit for every product or seller.

    Ecommerce solution providers like Abicart are self hosted platform with low-cost pricing. In India our plans start for only Rs. 1,599/month! You don’t have to think about  Just choose one of the themes, upload products add payment gateway and you have your operation. Every technical and back-end operations including designing, development, hosting is taken care by Abicart.

    You don’t have to be a programmer or even hire a programmer to build your store. Its knowledge base is extensive and support guys are awesome and help you at every point. Scaling is easy. You don’t have to worry about switching boats when you get large, just opt for a higher plan and you’re done. M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce is very important and Abicart got you covered out there. All of Abicart themes are responsive and its checkout is optimized well for mobile devices. 


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