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Choose the perfect name for your e-commerce store

Are you trying to find a catchy name for your online store? Even though it might seem like a simple task, but trust us, it isn’t always easy. Mainly due to so many things to keep in mind - is there another company with the same name that might make it difficult for you to rank on search engines or whether the domain for that name is available or not. It can take a long time and numerous attempts to come up with a suitable name for your business.

Most entrepreneurs have high expectations for their businesses. Coming up with a name that is instantly recognizable and memorable for your customers is not easy, especially when the weight of your dreams lie on it. Such factors make you want your business name to be perfect, and perfection is rarely simple.

Many people flock to platforms that generate company names based on the industry you are in. These websites are efficient considering how they can also filter names with domains available for sale. One such useful platform is - Business Name Generator, check it out, and you will get a sense of what we are talking about. However much we appreciate the idea behind such platforms, we don’t suggest this shortcut - you don’t want to wake up someday with an uninspired name that doesn’t remind you of your goals and has popped out randomly.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of finding a good name for your e-commerce business and give some tips on how to choose one that fits your aspirations. So grab your thinking hat and get ready!

Importance of a good store name


Fun fact - every major marketplace that you know of has strict policies in place that prevent their merchants from establishing a solid brand image on their platforms. Thus, for their homogenous image, these marketplaces cut down any form of seller branding. This is one of the reasons that a catchy name is important for your business because it will stick with you as a seller irrespective of which platform you choose to sell on.

SEO plays an important role in your store’s success over time, and an easily recognizable name helps you rank higher on search engines from the start itself. A catchy, memorable name gives you amazing opportunities with phrases and slogans. Since your customers can retain your name, word of mouth becomes common and easy.

Now fasten your seatbelts! Here is a step-by-step guide to how you should name your store:

1. Come up with a creative name/phrase


This first step is relatively easy. It’s what comes next that can take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Here are some modifiers to help you start:

[YourBrand][Main Product] 

2. Check to See if the Name is Already Taken

The next thing on your to-do list after you come up with a name on your own. And this is also where you could face some disappointment. Few things are more frustrating than having ‘that perfect name’ on your mind forever only to learn that another store has already taken it online. If you are completely in love with a certain name, try playing with it a little to see if it will work. Here is a tool that can be very useful at this point:

Namechk – Here you can check which social handles and domains with your name are taken. Even if a name is taken, get creative with it. If the .com for your chosen name isn't available, don’t fret: You still have the option of using a different TLD.  Domain extensions can also be used as a part of the name you have chosen. Eg: You can go for .shop instead of .com. This might set you back on your SEO activities a bit but not so much as a long unintelligible name would. Also, you can always grab the .com after your business has generated some traction.

3. Avoid Hard to Spell Names

Having a short, appealing name is great for various reasons: It's memorable, easy to pronounce, and fits easily in your online store's homepage. Try different combinations of short words. Two short words that rhyme can be more memorable.

Make up a word or tweak an existing one. Tech brands like Google, eBay and Skype have instantly recognizable names, even though they aren't real words.

You do not want a scenario where your potential customers get confused about how to find your online store. Besides, you do not want to continually correct misspelt versions of your name. Keep your name simple, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

4. Make Sure the Name is Search Engine Friendly


Pick the favorite names from your long list and check their SEO-friendliness to be sure that they will easily get a hit on search engine platforms. A great tool that will not disappoint you in this is Ubersuggest — it will help you choose words that will get you traction and help find you in searches easily.

5. Test the Words on Google Ads

One of the great features of Google Ads is that it will list for you all the similar search phrases with the number of searches each phrase is getting. Furthermore, the tool will make sure that there is no other slightly different name that might attract more attention or confuse your visitors. Moreover, if you like to be more advanced, find a name that can be easily used as a verb. For instance, people who frequent the website TED often refer to themselves as TEDsters.

6. Choose a Future Proof Name

Now, what does this mean? When you are starting your business, you are probably thinking about hitting goals like launching your store, getting your first sale, or making your first big bucks. There’s no doubt that those are pretty big, impressive milestones for somebody who is just starting their business. But, hopefully, you will be hitting much bigger milestones eventually, making your store bigger and more diverse in its presence than what you might have imagined right now. That’s why you need to think big now when you’re naming your business considering a name that will work in the future as you grow, too.

You could go for a name like “Local Fashion Supplies” – that might work while you’re running a small business. But, you could also opt for something like “Premium Fashion” that would offer you a business name that you can grow into. 

Some examples of great online store names:

Abicart has had the pleasure of working with some amazing store owners who have grown tremendously with us. Check some of them out here and see how they signify their work and their principles through their store name itself:

Design Emma Sjodin


On the first visit to this store itself you will get an immense sense of personalized care and efforts, even more so than most of the physical stores out there. Thus, framing their store name on someone makes sense. 



Such a catchy, memorable and rhyming word that completely suits the theme of the store - kid's fashion.

Mila Silver


Easy to remember and conveying exactly what they sell. This is a prime example of how you create a subtle and straightforward brand that appeals just to whom it should.

Parting thoughts

Finally, don’t rush into this. Do some keyword research. Talk about the name with friends and family. Write down a few different options and talk to some potential customers about what they think of your naming ideas. In the end, search engine algorithms are consistently evolving to better match our expectations. So, trust the process and yourself. Be sure your domain name matches your brand. And finally, launch your online store and start taking concrete steps towards your goals!

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