By Agosh Baranwal on 7/29/20 11:22 AM

    4 Tips to make the most use of your Instagram bio

    Instagram has time and again proven to be a very useful tool for online sellers. You can create a community of your customers, notify them about discounted or new products and setup your brand image. Moreover, there's no better place than this to showcase what your online store stands for.

    Here we discuss some tips that can help you make the most of your Instagram profile:

    1. Create an effective Call-To-Action

    The recent Instagram feature enables you to add an action button, which connects your profile with other online services, so that your customers can interact with your business without leaving your Instagram profile. For Instance, getting Gift Cards or Registering for an event. 

    At this time there is only a select number of providers for action buttons. In addition to this, you need an existing account with a partner to select them. Choosing a subcategory will help you in avoiding confusion as the Action buttons are respective to the subcategory. Here are the steps to add CTAs.

      1. Go to Edit Profile.
      2. Under Public Business Information, select Contact Options.
      3. Click Add an action button.
      4. Chose the action button you want to add to your business profile and tap Next.
      5. After entering the website URL, tap Done.

    2. Add hashtags to your bio

    Adding brand hashtags to your bio is a great tool for collecting feedback from the users, be it reviews or photos of your product/service. For example if your store sells clothes, the best hashtags for you could be: #apparel #fashion #onlineshopping #style #onlineboutique #fashionapparels etc.

    3. Add New Promotional Offers

    This is a great way to use Instagram for marketing your brand. In the bio, you could also link an event such as an upcoming webinar or a support page you have to assist your customers to get started.

    4. Create a Personality

    Ultimately, for a finishing touch, make sure to add personality to your bio. Follow a colour palette or a theme so that your profile has a refined outlook. Have fun with emojis but make sure they agree with your brand image. Emojis can also be used for breaking up your bio more effectively than bullet points

    With an increasing number of users, interacting with brands through Instagram, you cannot miss out on speaking directly to your audience through such a platform. Crafting a good profile can lead to remarkable success of your business by creating devoted brand advocates thereby driving sales. The President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman once said, “Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community” and that should be the vision of your Instagram Profile. Create an account that will reach out to the public, causing a wave of brand awareness and value. Use the above tips to make your bio and improve the return on your efforts.

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