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How to click attractive product images

Good quality, appealing product images are a must for a webshop. You can get photos of your products clicked by a professional photographer or a design team but if you keep few things in mind and employ a few tricks, you can click amazing images all by yourself. Thus saving money and ensuring a better experience for your customers.

In the paragraphs ahead, we will discuss how to make your photos look like professional product images. After reading this article you will be able to quickly and easily click beautiful product images using just your mobile phone, without expensive or complicated equipment. Follow our tips and raise the quality of your pictures!

Be creative with the composition
Your product images affect how your customers perceive your webshop and your brand. Try different angles while clicking photos. Focus on the important details of the product that can be crucial for the customer.

Viewing the products at different angles also gives an idea of how they look in real life. Be creative with the composition and use accessories to make the product seem more useful. For example, if you sell vases or pots, show how the customer can decorate it in their home.

Product images replace the customer's ability to feel the product while going through your webshop. It is not always enough to have just one picture of the product, the more pictures you have the better it gets for your customers. 


Try every imaginable angle and be creative with the composition

Finding the right lighting
You don't need professional studio lights to take product photos. The cheapest way to get nice and uniform lighting is by using natural light from one or more windows. Position the product as close to a window as possible and adjust the angle depending on how you want the shadows to lie. Make sure the sun does not shine straight in, this can create unattractive shadows.

Tip! Reflectors are relatively inexpensive to buy, but you can also make your own, by pulling aluminum foil with shiny surface outwards over a thick cardboard piece. It will reflect the light coming in and remove the shadows.

A single color background works best for most products. It allows your product to appear in the best way and removes any distractions. Use a tablecloth or a sheet of paper that, for example, stands on a table and leans against the wall. For best results, place the product on one end of the paper and bend the paper against the wall behind the product. It does not matter if the paper does not reach the edges. You can easily remove it afterwards. Just make sure the paper fills in the entire background behind the product itself. Be creative and try it out.

You can also display your products in an environment of their theme. For fashion it can be a model. For cooking equipment you could stand in the kitchen. Camping equipment looks great outdoors. Make sure the background works for the product and your target audience. Avoid distractions and allow the background to focus on the product.

Editing images
Once you have taken the images, it is time to edit them. This is simple and there are several tools that do not require much prior knowledge. Adobe Photoshop , Pixlr , Canva or Gimp are easy to use. If you want to quickly edit your product image, there are two things you can do:

  • Increase the light
  • Increase the contrast



Make sure not to over-edit and keep in mind that the image should feel as natural as possible. The aim is that the customer should get as good a picture of the product as possible.

Do you need a specific size of the product image? When editing, you can also crop the image to fit well in your webshop.

Tip! When you take the picture with your mobile, you can also edit the picture directly through an app or an editing tool. Here are some Apps you can use:

  • Snapseed 
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop Express
  • VSCO

Stay tuned for more tips related to your ecommerce website!

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