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    How do I create a discount code for my webshop?

    Offering discount codes to customers has always proved to be a powerful marketing strategy for e-commerce websites. With Abicart you can give discount codes to your customers which will provide them a price cut over the marked prices on your webshop for particular items.

    You can create discount codes for individual products and customers or create temporary promotional offers for all products in your webshop. You can also specify the dates between which the code is valid, how many times a code can be used and how much a customer must shop for before the discount can be used. 


    Discounts are deducted from the value of the product(s) at checkout. The discount is only shown at the checkout for the buyer. If you want to show a price deduction directly on the product page, you should instead specify extra price on the product. If you want to give a discount on the total amount at the checkout, you should use gift vouchers. 


    If you want the discount to be valid only for a certain period, you can specify the start and end dates. Remember that the day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23.59.

    Number of times the code can be used

    If you want to limit the code to only a certain number of purchases, you enter a number in the field. Otherwise, the code is unlimited.

    Product selection

    At the top right are settings for " Product selection" and here the store's product groups are displayed . If the discount is to apply to all items, tick the "Whole range". Otherwise, you select the item (s) to be included. 

    Customer Selection

    Here you can control which customers should have access to the discount. You can choose between "All customers", "All customers who are not logged in", "All logged in customers" or a specific customer group. 


    If you want customers to enter a discount code to activate the discount, tick the box "Use codes". At the bottom of the box, existing codes are shown on the discount. To create a new code, click "Add Code". 

    In the "code" field you can enter your own discount code or you click on the "Generate" button and a code is automatically created.

    Item Selection

    At the top right are settings for "Item selection" and here the store's item groups are displayed. If the discount is to apply to all items, tick the "Whole range". Otherwise, you select the item (s) to be included. 

    If there are several active discounts, the system will choose the best discount for each product. Thus, you can only get a discount per product.


    Create an exclusive discount code for your customers

    Here are some different types of discounts to choose from to create a unique discount code with us at Abicart:

    • Cheapest product for free

    Click Discounts -> New Discount -> Cheapest Product Free

    • Free shipping discount

    Click Discounts -> New Discount -> Free Shipping.

    • Buy X pay for Y discount

    Click on Discounts -> New Discount -> Buy X, pay for Y discount.

    Here are two choices, "Buy (Quantity):" is the number of items one must have in the shopping cart for the discount to be activated. In our example, we specify a third in this field. 

    In the field "Pay for (quantity):" we specify the number of items the buyer must pay for. In our example, we specify a second one here. 

    • Percentage discount

    Click Discounts -> New Discount -> Percentage Discount.

    Enter the value of the discount percentage. 

    Once your discount code is activated, it's time to share it with your customers. This is a perfect opportunity for you to send out a newsletter to your customers, share a great photo with your followers on social media or create an entire campaign with several different discount codes.


    When you have created a discount code, it is a great idea to have a promotional image that you have in your webshop. If you have some extra time, it may be worth checking out the free canva tool . Here you can create great posts for social media, advertising material and campaign images. Choose from 8000 ready-made templates and get started with your campaign in no time! 


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