By Agosh Baranwal on Jun 16, 2020 11:43:52 AM

    Learn how your customers can get their orders gift wrapped

    Gift wrapping is a feature displayed at checkout where your customers can choose to have their order placed as a gift. With this guide you will be able to add this function at checkout.

    Steps to activate gift wrapping:

    • Go to Store Design -> Themes -> select 'Edit' for your active theme, 
    • Under the Content tab select Checkout
    • Scroll down to Gift wrapping. Enable gift wrapping by clicking on the "On" button.
    • Since 'Gift wrapping' will be a paid feature for your customers, we consider this as another product on your online store. At "Generate a template product" first we need to generate a product which will act as gift wrapping itself. Click on the generate button and then 'Go to article'. Here you can edit this template as you want (change image, etc.) like a normal product. Not that this 'gift wrap' template product will be placed in the root of your product group tree.
    • When you are done editing the product, click on the save button in the upper right corner.
    • You can now check that the product for gift wrapping is now shown in the product list (Catalog -> Products). You can edit this product just as usual, price, name or picture and possibly add customer choice if desired. You can choose a price and other specifications to suit your expenses and comfort.

    Now your customers will be able to choose gift wrapping at checkout.

    Some questions you as a shopkeeper should ask yourself while setting up this feature:

    • Are you wrapping all products separately or as a single package for the entire order?
    • Should the customer be able to choose to wrap the products separately?
    • Should the customer be able to buy a wrapping for a specific product (if there are many in the shopping cart)?

    We recommend that you make this as simple as possible for the customer and therefore do not complicate the purchase by letting the customer make a lot of decisions. 


    If you have multi-stores you have to create 'Gift wrap product template' manually for each sub-store.

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