By Agosh Baranwal on Jun 8, 2020 10:06:34 AM

    Show product reviews widgets on your product page

    Product reviews are comments/feedback/suggestions that customers can post on the product page of what they have purchased. These reviews are presented on the product page below the description as ratings. They are based on the customer’s experience with your service and product and can be accompanied by a written description of the same. 

    We feature two product review sites that you can integrate into your online store:

    1. Yotpo - With one of the most advanced review solutions, Yotpo helps brands accelerate growth by maximizing customer lifetime value. Visit here
    2. Trustpilot - One of the world’s most powerful review platform and is open to all. Their mission is to be a universal symbol of trust. Visit here

    Requirements for integration with your online store:

    1. For Trustpilot, you first need to buy their standard paid package and then the add-on service is added to Abicart’s product reviews. You can obtain this on the Trustpilot site: To activate Trustpilot you need to enter your "Business Unit ID" which you get from Trustpilot. You can have different IDs for different languages.You then have to choose an appearance template and there are several different ones to choose from. Then you choose a color theme, light or dark.
    2. For Yotpo their free version is enough and you register here on their site: To activate Yotpo you need to enter your "App Key" which you receive from Yotpo. You can have different keys for different languages. To change the look of the widget that presents the reviews, you must log in to your Yotpo account by clicking on the "Change widget look" button.

    Steps to enable product reviews widgets:

    • Go to Store Design in your Abicart dashboard and then click on Themes 
    • Select the active Theme in which you want to include this feature then click on ‘edit’
    • Find the ‘Content’ tab and go to Product pages 
    • Scroll down to "Product page footer" and the ‘Add block’ 
    • Here you will find an option to add "Product Reviews Widget". After clicking on the select button, choose the service you want to use, Trustpilot or Yotpo:

    We are there with you on every step of the way. Hope this guide helped you and cleared any doubts you had. Read out more about growing your business here.

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