By Agosh Baranwal on Jun 29, 2020 11:58:15 AM

    Edit orders that have been placed

    This function enables editing a placed order if, for example, you receive a return or if a customer wants to remove / add something. Note: Order editing is only available in the subscriptions Plus and Pro.

    What can be changed?

    You can add and remove products, edit customer information, adjust VAT settings, change shipping fee and change shipping method. Partners and commission settings cannot be changed.

    If an order is paid using its own payment methods such as "own invoice", prepayment, postal advance or something similar, you can add and remove products in the order without any restrictions.

    If an order is paid via a third party, for example PayU, Razorpay or similar, you can only edit the order so that the order value decreases compared to the original purchase amount. The reason is that in most cases credit information is made to the buyer and then only the original purchase amount applies.

    In some cases you can add products to the order so that the order value increases. You can only do this in the payment company's settings. We may not make these changes from our platform.

    How to edit an order?

    Go to Orders -> Click on the order number.
    In each box, "Information about ordered products", "Order", "Customer details", "Store's notes" and "Delivery" there is an icon, a pen in the right corner. Click on it to edit the contents of each box.

    Below are some editing examples:
    Change the shipping fee-
    First, click on the edit icon in the upper right corner of the "Information about ordered products" box. Then two new icons will appear to the right of the freight charge. Click on the pen to edit the fee and on the trash can to remove the fee completely.

    Change stock count
    If you change "Number" or "Price / pc." the amount is recalculated automatically. The original sum will always appear below:

    You can also add products, freight charge and payment fee via the buttons sub-products on the order.

    Send a new order confirmation
    After you edit the order, you can resend the order confirmation to the customer. Click on the link "Send order confirmation via email" at the bottom of the order:

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