By Agosh Baranwal on Jun 16, 2020 11:58:44 AM

    Setup Shopping List for your customers

    With this feature you can let logged-in visitors save products in different shopping lists. This can be used as a wishlist feature where your customers can save products to buy later.

    What are shopping lists?

    It is a feature where your store visitors can save one or more products in different 'favorites' or 'shopping' lists and can then later add to the shopping cart and check out.

    This feature is only available in Abicart Plus and Pro packages. Your store's visitors must be logged in to their account to be able to save products and create and save shopping lists. 

    Here's how to enable shopping lists in your shop:

    Go to Appearance -> Themes -> select theme, edit

    Under the Content tab go to Product page

    Now scroll down to the Favorites & shopping lists section

    For "Shopping lists" select "Enabled" and save. 

    How does it work in your store?

    When a visitor has logged in with their customer account, an icon with the text "Add to list" will be displayed under the buy button on each product page for adding a product to a shopping list created by the customer, the list can at any time be added to the cart. You can check the following boxes according to suitability:


    The first time a visitor clicks on the icon, a box will appear that says "My Lists" and a button to create the first list. Click on the "New list" button and enter a name, for example "Diwali presents" and click on the "Create list" button. 

    Then click on the newly created list and the "Add product" button will appear. Then the product will be saved in the list. 

    All saved lists are then found under the customer's "My pages". 

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