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    Gift Cards can be used by your customers for their loved ones

    Gift cards are virtual product codes that you can sell via your store or give out yourself as promotion or reimbursement. The difference between a discount code and a gift card is that the latter is drawn on the total amount at the cash register. On the other hand discount is only deducted on the items in the shopping cart.

    Here we will go through in detail on how to create a gift card product, generate a gift card code, and activate a gift card.

    Gift card looks like whatever you want it to be by designing it on any software like Photoshop. Once you generate/create the gift card code you can mail it out to the buyer for them to use. Remember, Gift certificates are only available in the subscriptions Plus and Pro.

    Activate gift cards in the store

    In order to be able to use gift cards in the store, you must first add it as a payment method and activate it.

    Add the payment method for gift cards

    To to Settings -> Payment methods -> Add new payment method.
    In the list, select "Gift Certificate", click "Add" and then click the Save button.

    Activate the gift card field in the theme

    Go to Store Design-> Themes -> select theme. Now click on edit and under Content tab find out ‘Checkout’ in the list. In the block "Discount codes & Gift cards", select "Enabled" and save.

    To give away a Gift Card you need to create a ‘Gift Card Product’. Here’s what it means:

    A gift card product is a product for selling gift cards. The store can create different gift card items with different amounts, for example INR 100, INR 500, INR 1000 etc. and then customers can give the gift card to a friend or family. Remember, your customer cannot specify his own amount for a gift card so for this reason you need to create different gift card items with fixed amounts for your customers to choose from.

    Create a gift card product:

    Go to Catalog -> Products -> New Product -> New Gift Certificate
    In principle, you can make all settings as on a regular product such as entering a description, linking to product groups, etc. just like when adding a product. Let’s go through some options that are important for a Gift card certificate:

    Period of validity:
    Enter a validity period for how long the gift card should be active. In India, the most common validity period is set at 10 years, but the shop owner can choose this himself.

    Enter a name for the gift card product, such as "Gift Certificate INR 500".

    Enter a price for what the product should cost, for example INR 500.

    What is a gift card code?
    If you as a shop owner want to give away a gift card, for example to a winner in a competition or maybe as compensation, then you can generate a code directly in admin which you then give to the customer.

    Note: No code is automatically sent to the customer when you create a gift card code in admin. One must ensure that the customer receives the code, for example via SMS or e-mail.

    Create a gift card code:
    Go to Orders -> Gift Certificate -> New Gift Card

    Gift Voucher Code:
    The easiest way to create a code is to click on the "Generate Code" button. It creates a random number of 13 digits. You can also enter your own code if you wish.

    Note: You can only use one code once. If someone has used a gift card with, for example, the code "present-100", that code is used. You cannot create a new gift card with the same code again.

    Receiver's name:
    Optional field where you can enter the name of the recipient to the gift card.

    Receiver's e-mail address:
    Optional field where you can enter the e-mail address of the recipient of the gift card.

    The sender's name:
    Optional field where you can enter the name of the sender of the gift card.

    The sender's email address:
    Optional field where you can enter the e-mail address of the sender of the gift card.

    Original value:
    Enter the value on the gift card, for example INR 500.

    Present value:
    A gift card can be used several times until the full amount is used. This field shows how much money is left on used gift cards.

    In our example we create a new gift card and then we enter the same value as we stated in "Original value", ie INR 500.

    If the store has multiple currencies enabled, a list of these currencies is displayed here. You then choose which currency the gift card should be created with. In our example we choose INR.

    Valid until:
    Here you choose how long the gift card should be valid. For example, one month, one year or 10 years. In our example, we choose a year.

    Important info when it comes to buying gift card items
    If a customer has purchased a gift card product, the code will only be sent out once the order has been activated / debited. Go to Orders and click on the order. In the "Take action" box, make sure that the "Mark as paid" box is selected and then click the green "Perform selected actions" button. The order will then be marked as paid and the gift card is activated and emailed to the customer. The gift card code will then appear on the gift card product at the top of the order.

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