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How to grow your eCommerce business consistently

There is an overwhelming number of businesses online trying to poach customers continually. As soon as you log into social media, you can see numerous enthusiastic entrepreneurs selling their ‘personal brand’ in the form of podcast services, building funnels, etc. They can teach you how to use live video, teach you how to create a profitable blog, and the list goes on. Building an online business isn’t easy, and there are some hard realities that you need to realize.

Now eCommerce is the team leader of all such online businesses owing to its ease to set up. We know that we are not telling you anything new. As someone interested in online stores yourself, you must have already encountered this clutter of online stores competing fiercely. So today we are going to discuss how you can stay growing and sustainable in such a climate. Here are 5 immensely helpful ways that might turn your mindset around.

1. Don’t try to mimic or copy other stores

Customers buy from someone they know, like, and trust. They don’t buy from strangers. If you are similar to some other popular store aesthetically or in terms of content, they will never get to know the real you. Remember why you started your eCommerce store? Shape those ideas into something unique rather than letting them be moulded by peer pressure or temporary crisis. Of course, look up to successful business models, but don't copy them. Rather, take inspiration from them and let your voice come through, build a business that’s yours.

2. You should be clear who your customers are

If you try to reach everyone with access to the internet, you will definitely end up reaching no one because your efforts to reach customers will be leaking here and there. You won’t be able to connect to your potential customer base, which is a very small portion of ‘everyone’. We call them target audience, and they can be defined using age groups, interests and their geometric locations. The more specific you can get with your target audience, the easier time you will have marketing, which is what ultimately grows your business. Your branding should be very clear and directed specifically to your potential customers.

3. Social media might not be as effective as you think

While you can’t ignore social media, don’t make it your number one strategy for traffic and leads. The reason is the same as for not sticking to marketplaces for your sales. You want people to sign up to your email list, and interact with you personally, whereas social media takes them away from your close circle. 

4. Keep pushing towards your goals

At the end of the day, if you want this to succeed, you have to determine right now that you’ll keep going no matter what. Perseverance is what makes your business grow. Even if you haven’t made the process you wanted to make at this point, you can’t give up. Build this business one relationship, and one customer at a time.

5. Last, but not least - Don’t be afraid to charge a fair price

We specifically say this because many shop owners tend to target their prices when they don’t seem to make sales. But that is almost never the solution. After all, it is the right customers you need to reach, not the right pricing identity. It would be great to help as many people as possible for free, but you have a family to care for and bills to pay. If you add value with your products, you should be paid a fair price for them. Remember, you’re building a business; it can’t be a business if it doesn’t make money. There are people online who should be ashamed of what they’re doing and charging, but you’ll find that in any industry. As long as you focus on serving and adding value to your customer's lives, your prices will be justified.

Have patience. Things take time to build. With focused effort, you can build a powerful online store or grow your current business' presence online. Use these strategies to optimize your day-to-day efforts. And most importantly, be patient with results, it takes time to build something truly valuable.

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