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Explore how Facebook helps with Online Sales

This week, Facebook launched a new feature: Facebook Shops, where companies can easily post products and sell directly on Facebook. As an e-retailer, you can create simple stores directly on Facebook and Instagram, where customers can browse through products and send messages to your store. This can be an additional source of sales for your business apart from your online store.

Simply put, Facebook Shop means that you as a company can upload your products and sell them directly on Facebook. Here the customer can explore your product variety and save their favorites. Facebook Shop has started rolling out globally already, initially stores outside the US must have their own online store to handle purchases.

This feature enables companies to set up a joint online store on Facebook and Instagram. You choose the products you want from your  Facebook directory. Then customize the look and feel of your store with a cover image and accent colors that show off your brand. This means that all sellers, regardless of size or budget, can sell online and reach potential customers wherever they are.

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“Our goal is to create a seamless shopping experience and enable everyone, from small businesses to global giants, to use our apps to connect with customers,” Facebook writes in a press release.

How do I get started with Facebook Shops?
To get started with Facebook Shops, you need a product feed. As an Abicart customer, you always have access to Facebook and Instagram product feeds under External Links -> Product Feeds. The feature is included in all our subscriptions . Below we have gathered a few links that can be helpful when you start selling via Facebook or Instagram:

About Facebook Catalogs
Adding a Store to a Facebook Page
Adding Products to a Store on a Facebook Page

This applies to May 2020. Updates are ongoing

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