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    Easy things you can make and sell online

    With eCommerce being all the rage these days, it has become way easier to start an online store than it was in the olden days. With a few clicks you can go online with an attractive and highly responsive website. The only thing that most people struggle these days with is the niche for their business. You can choose from our list of the most profitable product ideas for 2020. But often people don’t want the hassle of developing a new product and setting up its production line. And that’s okay! We think that selling online should be easy and there are a number of things you can make yourself at home and sell. So let’s talk about that!

    We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing eCommerce enthusiasts and out of them numerous produce and sell handmade goods. They sell them through pop-up shops, craft shows and through their online stores worldwide. You can be one of them, only ask yourself if - You are a creative person who wants to work when and how they want? You don’t mind spending your time building your own business from ground zero. If DIY is your passion and gives you fulfillment, have a go at starting your own craft business on the side. 

    Who knows what this could bring for you in the long-term?

    Is it better to choose from a few specific handmade items?

    jeshoots-com-z1mZLq5x_7M-unsplashNow maybe you’re not quite sure what things to make and you are just looking for a hobby while earning money on the side. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of diy items that sell. The following comprehensive list has just a few examples that are almost always a hit with people.

    • Sewn items
      India has a huge market for beautiful cloth items made with ‘chikankari’ and other sewn techniques. Some sewn items can take a long time to complete, but some are pretty simple yet bring a hefty price tag to the creator.
    • Painted vases
      You can use acrylic paints and colors to create beautiful vases. And why stop there, hand painted home decor has always been loved by everyone.
    • Candles
      Home fragrances in India originated from 'Agarbatti'. Keeping up with some western traditions, now scented candles are becoming a common household item here as well. And let's be honest, a scented candle of your choice can always light up your mood. 
    • Sweets
      Many big Indian snacks brands have started selling packed Gulabjamuns and rasgullas. If not these then you can always sell sweets with a longer shelf life like Soan papdi. Having some old, tested grandma's recipe is always a great start. You can also go for candies, cookies, jam, baked items and chocolates. But you may also need to keep some other factors in mind like—legalities and labeling. Be sure to investigate the viability of selling your product online.
    • Bath Bombs
      Bath bombs are another fancy items that haven't crept much into Indian household but are catching up fast. These can be dissolved in a bath tub and enjoyed for their fragrance, bubbles inducing properties and of course for their soapy texture. Once you have their molds, it’s easy to create dozens of bath bombs a day.
    • T-shirts
      T-Shirts today are not only wearable but are often used to pass a fashion or ideaological statement. Moreover with constantly changing trends around the world you can come up with plenty of new designs every now and then that appeal to the masses. Gone are the days of airbrushed t-shirts. From artful cutting, inventive dying, and at-home silk-screening, you can make fantastic unique, personalized t-shirts for any occasion. 
    • Jewelries
      Important thing to keep in mind when deciding the type of jewelries to sell is identifying the latest trend and what is appealing to the masses currently. This business can range from simple and low-tech (say, beaded necklaces and woven bracelets) to skilled trades with special equipment (such as silversmithing).
    • Art 
      Art is no more a 'less paying' segment if you know where and whom to sell to. There has never been a better time to create the art you want to create and sell it. Whether you’re dealing in fine art or reproduction prints, you can access far-reaching audiences and sell worldwide.
    • Traditional handicrafts
      India is home to handicrafts around the world. Once you have finalized on a specific product you can go around selling around the globe. 
    • Picture frames
      Making and selling custom picture frames on the internet can be a great money-maker because people cherish those kinds of things! Another great gift for any holiday, picture frames that are custom and handmade make the gift just that much sweeter!

    Tip: How do you price your items?

    There are plenty simple formulas that consider all the necessary factors like cost of your labour, materials, overhead, etc. Always remember to add your profits and some additional future expenses for your business. Once you think that your pricing will help you be sustainable in the future, factor in things like premium pricing and psychological pricing. 

    These ten things are not the only ones to make and sell online – follow your passion and realise what makes you happy! You can make and sell everything from coasters and coffee tables to handbags and fashionable clothes. Remember, always go where your passion drives you and you will do great.

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