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    Factors that make a homepage effective

    The home page of your eCommerce store is like a shop window. The main purpose is to inspire, create confidence and attract purchases. The goal is for the customer to find what they are looking for and then make a purchase. A well thought-out home page with inspirational images, products and text can definitely lead to several purchases. Want to know how to create a really good start page in your eCommerce store? Get pen and paper! This is important to keep in mind when creating your homepage:

    Inspire new and existing customers

    The home page is the first page that customers see when they visit your eCommerce store. It creates a wholesome experience for the customer and this is  where they decide if your store appeals to themFirst step for you is to decide what you want to convey through your homepage. Do best-selling products or environmental images accentuate your brand? Remember to focus on what you want to highlight and convey for your business. Remember to keep your home page simple, clear and inspiring.

    Inspirational images
    Pictures on the home page are a must. High-resolution and creative images are what replace the customer's ability to feel about the product or what you are selling. Be creative with the composition and use the necessary accessories to raise product. For example, if you sell vases or pots, why not show how the customer can decorate it in their home?

    For example, on your homepage you can show a number of products in their environment or with a white background. This makes it easy for the visitor to get an overview of what you offer without actively looking. Want to learn how to make your photos look like professional product images with your mobile? Follow our tips and get professional photos for your homepage

    In connection with the product images you can also have a main image or a slide show that should represent what is happening in your eCommerce store right now. For example, the image or slide show can be replaced by season, or if you have a unique offer you want to highlight. If you want to use a slideshow, you can also fit several pictures. For example, if you have several campaigns in progress at the same time. 

    Inspirational text The
    homepage is often the strongest page on your entire page. Here it is important to spend time highlighting what the page is about in the form of headings, texts and pictures. While most customers make their purchase decision on the product images, well-worded texts help fill in the gaps to determine whether the product suits the customer or not. By educating the customer about the key benefits and offering a solution to their problems, your home page in conjunction with the images can lead to more sales and build customer confidence.

    3 quick tips for SEO friendly texts on your homepage

    1. Sufficiently long texts - 300 words or more
    Too short texts are difficult to rank high on Google. Aim to invest in 300 words or more and stay focused on a specific product or part of your business. For example, if you need more space, you can link to other pages in your eCommerce store. Also, be sure to use bulleted lists to break up large blocks of texts.

    2. The most important keyword first!
    Include your most important keywords early in your texts. For example, "Outdoor furniture in several colors and sizes is plenty with us ...".

    3. Relevant main headings and subheadings
    Home page headers are important. Make sure they contain relevant keywords here as well. Keep in mind that your headlines should be searchable and found by customers who, for example, search for your specific products at Google.

    Inspiring colors
    Don't be afraid to use colors on your home page or in your eCommerce store overall. Different colors create different emotions and associations with your visitors. The colors you choose for your home page will be associated with your brand and link a really good home page together with your good looking pictures and texts. For example, if you have a main color, you can use this as a background color instead of a background image. Then your page will load much faster. Not sure which colors to choose? Here are some tips on how to make them the perfect color for your home page: 

    • Think about how you want to be perceived and what feelings you want to convey. For example, a green color if you sell flowers and plants. 
    • Think of contrasts between text and background. For example, black text on light background.
    • Choose a few colors you want to use, and make sure they match and convey the feeling you want. 

    Want to know more about how you can work with colors on your homepage? UX / UI designer Josef tells more

    Create confidence and trust with the customer

    Reviews - Introducing What Other Customers Say About You
    Reviews are a perfect way to showcase the positive feedback you have received from your existing customers to new potential buyers. Reviews help provide the buyer with valuable information that is crucial for the purchase to get rid of. Why not add reviews to your homepage so that customers can begin to review their buying experience with you and inspire new customers? 

    The more your visitors see that other customers have had a positive experience shopping in your eCommerce store, the more credible you will appear - and the more your homepage will appear credible! 

    Make sure your customers can contact you easily and easily
    Make sure your company contact information is visible and easily accessible to the visitor. The most common thing is to have this in the footer, ie at the bottom of the page, but this is entirely up to you. With a clear and visible contact information you show that you are a serious company that exists, which contributes to increased security of the visitor. 

    Convey that customers can pay safely and securely
    To further create a visitor's confidence, it is good to show what payment methods your eCommerce store offers to make your customers feel secure with paying. The most common thing is to have this in the footer along with your contact information. When you showcase well-known payment methods, the visitor can feel confident in finding an alternative to their needs.

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