By Agosh Baranwal on 5/15/20 10:39 AM

    Add Product Filter to your Abicart Webshop

    The Filter feature that appears at the top of the category pages in the store that allow visitors to quickly and easily search for products that are in stock depending on color, size, material, price, etc.

    Filters are only available in the subscriptions Plus.

    Enable filtering in the theme

    Go to Store Design-> Themes -> select theme, edit.
    Then go to Content -> Filters.

    filter 1

    Price Filters

    To add a price filter click on the "New price filter" button.

    filter 2

    The filter will then appear as a block above.

    Filter 3

    Then click save. The results in stores are shown at the top of all article group pages like this. You can adjust the filter by dragging one of the blue rings.

    Attribute Filters

    If you use attributes / properties on their article templates, you can filter them. Add "New attribute filter".

    Filter 4

    In this example we have an attribute called "Artist" and you will then be able to sort by the artists linked to the articles. Out in the shop it looks like this. 

    Filter 5

    When you have checked in an artist you will also see which filters are active on the left. 

    A voucher Filters

    If you have items that have sizes, colors or other choices, you can let customers filter this. Add "New Customer Selection Filter".

    Filter 6

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