By Oliver Björkdahl on 7/29/20 12:27 AM

    Reach new customers similar to your existing ones with Lookalike

    Hello, my name is Oliver and I work at Red Carpet. We work with several types of advertising digitally where I my focus is on Graphics and Social Media. 

    Today I thought I would tell you a little about how we at Red Carpet work with target groups in Facebook's advertising tools to find relevant traffic that actually converts. 

    Finding relevant audiences on Facebook is always a challenge. Not spending the click budget on unnecessary traffic is difficult. But in my opinion, Facebook's algorithm has become so refined that if you start your campaign with a good target group, only the initial phase will show expensive results. After indexing is completed, you can see the results go up. 

    I think that the Facebook tool often lacks the target groups you are looking for when aiming for new traffic that you find by specifying "Detailed target group". Here you try to find people who match your demographics, interest-target group or behavior. There is often a lack of target groups that you really should use even if you try to take turns and broaden it. However, often you can find something that fits, but then you might encounter another problem - that the target group becomes too broad or too narrow.

    This is where Lookalikes comes in. Lookalikes is a way to actually find new relevant traffic that is not previous visitors. There are several ways to achieve this. 

    It is a way to find people who in one way or another are similar to the target group on which you base your lookalikes segment. This parable is based on the parameters I mentioned earlier - demographics, interests and behavior. 

    The simplest and in my experience most profitable is to refer to your customer lists when working with Lookalikes. Customer lists contain names, e-mails and telephone numbers, which are three important parameters for Facebook to be able to match these with actual Facebook users. 

    This means that you create a target group with new traffic that is similar to your already paying customers thus a qualified guess at your ideal customer base. 

    If you do not have any customer lists, lookalikes can be based through other bunch of sources such as a retargeting list, people who like your site or one of your previously customized target groups that you have seen good results on. 

    When this is done, it is also important that you exclude your retargeting target groups as we only want to reach new traffic. This is because the account should already have advertising targeting retargeting segmented into its own ad groups or campaigns 

    When the target group is set up and filled in, it is important that you adapt your website according to the idea that those whom your ads will reach would have never heard of your company or its products. So working with your material and copy is very important and you should spend time on this and not make it easy for yourself. 

    In summary, lookalikes are a great way to reach new leads. It's also a relatively simple way to create a relevant target group without having to search Facebook's 'Detailed target groups'. So try to set up a Lookalikes campaign with some new material where you are informative about your product and your company and where you talk directly to your target group.

    Thank you for reading, all the best!

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