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    Last minute ideas to prepare for Easter 2021

    Easter is just around the corner, and being a globally recognized holiday marked with Easter egg hunts and those delicious hollow chocolate bunnies this remains a golden opportunity for online businesses. Statistically, both retail and ecommerce businesses experience the “Easter effect”, but this year we have reasons to believe that the latter is going to perform better this year. In 2020 the UK alone experienced a 10% increase in online e-Commerce sales during Easter. Denmark and Swedish businesses also set new records and received additional sales of consumables. Looking at these numbers, it’s safe to conclude that Easter presents major sales opportunities for certain business types. While candy, flowers, gifts, and hobby products are the obvious ones, other stores might also want to consider preparing for the holidays. 

    Anticipating changes in online consumer behavior can help secure your revenue and propel growth through these difficult days. The average European consumer will have between 4-5 days off this Easter season, giving them much deserved downtime to unwind, but also to browse the web and be active on social media.

    Egg-celent Easter marketing ideas to boost your sales

    Remember, during festive days, most of the purchase decisions are driven by emotions. Easter is one such festival with lots of feelings attached. Amid the pandemic and its adverse effects, you will have to adopt some fresh marketing tactics that can be beneficial for both, you and the buyer. Many big brands are running special Easter discounts on their online stores, why should you sit at home? Doesn't an Egg-hunt on your website that leads your customers to a discount code sound exciting! Let's start with the list-

    1. Bunny-Friendly Bundles

    Prepare Easter-themed product bundles with a mix of bestseller items tailored to different customers, such as grandparents, pets, spouses, best friends, or kids. Offering an “Easter Basket Bundle” that delivers savings compared to purchasing each product separately is a great way to increase average cart price and encourage Easter-centered buying.

    2. Organize games

    Easter egg hunts are very popular, but this year COVID-19 is making this fun activity move online. Use this opportunity to give people a fun game to play while encouraging them to search through more product pages on your site. Let your customers hunt for hidden ‘eggs’ across your website, each egg can link to a one-time use promotional deal.

    3. Offer special discounts

    The competition will heat up around the holidays, so consider how a well-promoted discount might give you an edge. Think of situations your customers would be in during the holidays: preparing family dinners, meeting relatives and friends, catching up on unfinished projects, spending more time at the gym, or just chilling on the couch. Then think of which products they might consider in these situations and other things they might need for spring - then promote them in a special discount scheme.

    4. Choose appropriate themes

    Easter is a great holiday for building an attractive theme for your eCommerce site. Happy colors, multi-hued eggs, and sweet chicks and bunnies are all good options for livening up your home page and drawing more attention from online shoppers. Incorporating promotions with graphics will cultivate clicks and lead to more sales this Easter.

    5. Run an Easter giveaway on Social media

    Every eCommerce manager needs to consider creating a fun, fresh and interactive social media initiative for Easter. Here are some examples to get you hopping in the right direction:

    • Create a discounted Easter basket with your best-selling products.
    • Ask users to post their most creative Easter craft ideas to share on your social media channels.
    • Promote an Easter sale, such as a discount on selected items or personalized offers.
    • Run an Easter contest on Instagram and Facebook and give away free prizes to the winners.


    Create #Easter special Hashtags

    You may also use social media to try out user-generated content. This Easter, request your fans to take a selfie, share their best work, or share their favorite ways to use your items and then share them on social media with a special hashtag containing your company’s name.

    Use catchy slogans

    We have also curated some catchy slogans for you that fit right into this festive spirit!

    • Special delivery from the Easter bunny!
    • Spegg-tacular savings all weekend!
    • Check out our EGG-stra special deals!
    • Hop on over to our Easter sale!
    • Put all of your eggs in one basket — we’ve got your Easter gift list covered!
    • We’ve got the perfect gift for you’re EGG-stra special someone!

    What products and bundles to sell?

    Amidst these festive emotions, you can pick out some specific items that fly off the shelf instantly. Not only curating these will help your customers find their favorite products but also help you optimize your website for more gains.

    • Candy remains the most popular Easter gift, with every enthusiast planning to purchase them in bulk.
    • Toys are the second most talked about gifts, but the number of people planning to purchase for 2021 is down 11 percentage points (64% in 2021 vs 75% in prior years).
    • Half of gift givers (51%) plan to purchase Food for Easter gifts, remaining consistent with previous years (51%).
    • Spa Products see some increase in interests (20% in 2021 vs 15% in previous years), perhaps due to consumers shifting in-person spa treatments to their homes.
    • Clothes , Accessories, Flowers, Jewelry, and Electronics all see declines in planned gift giving for 2021.

    You will be surprised to know that about 32% of people (almost a third) are planning to shop online for their Easter gifting needs. Considering how many retail vs online shops are there, this festival  is a very big opportunity for ecommerce businesses this year.

    You can checkout more stats about Easter here.


    Remember, check your inventory and prepare for the expected boost in sales. You don’t want to invest in smart marketing efforts and then disappoint shoppers by running out of popular products or Easter specials. Make sure that they are well stocked and can fulfill orders as they are placed.

    So these were our top tips to prepare for Easter, now hop on and reap the benefits of holiday shopping! We know that there isn't much time but you don't need to follow all the above steps. Just select a few that resonate the most with your brand.

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