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    How to get ready for Black Friday with Abicart

    This year's biggest shopping day Black Friday is around the corner, which is a huge opportunity for e-retailers to increase their sales and the trend is continuously going up. This year, Black Friday is expected to stand out in comparison with what we have seen in previous years. With the restriction of staying home, having a strong online presence is more important than ever.

    This year, Black Friday falls on November 27th. For you as an ecommerce business owner, this could be the most important day of the year; You have a chance to showcase your products, empty the stock of outgoing products and build the brand stronger. Therefore, it is important to start planning well in advance. 

    At Abicart , we have many unique features you can take advantage of to ease stress and planning for Black Friday. With everything to plan for the big day, it can be difficult to keep track of the most important features, but do not worry - we will guide you through it all. Here are our top tips on the most important features you can use to get the most out of Black Friday 2020.

    Start an online store

    Help your customers find the right one with smart filtering
    What does it help if you have the world's best offer and products in your store if your visitors do not find the right one? Before Black Friday, filtering becomes even more important as your customers surf around for the best deal. With smart filtering, customers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for in your store during Black Friday. When it comes to user experience and search engine optimization, well-organized filtering can make a big difference. For you with a large number of products, a filtering system can take the user experience to the next level, drive sales and improve your SEO.

    Remember that the filters you choose to use must be specific and relevant. Based on the type of products you offer, you need to implement and maintain the filters that meet the user's search queries. Color, size, price, brand and other category specific filters just to name a few. Add the filter feature to your store

    Sell ​​more in your store with a countdown timer
    Create a stylish countdown timer in your store to attract visitors and returning customers. It can either be a countdown to Black Friday, or to present time-limited deals during Black Friday. By presenting a time-limited offer, you as an e-retailer can evoke a feeling of "urgency", FoMo (Fear of missing out). Before a purchase, the feeling of potentially missing the purchase is psychologically more behavioral than the need to actually own the product. 

    At Abicart, you can easily add a countdown timer and set the start and end dates for your selected event. You can find the function under Appearance> Themes> Content> Home> + Add blocks> Event countdown

    What makes you and your store unique? Tell us about Unique selling points on the start page
    Why should the customer choose your store over the competition during Black Friday? Use USPs, Unique Selling Points, to tell you why and communicate them on your homepage! Do you find it difficult to come up with unique USPs? Here are four ways you can compete with your USPs:

    Better. What you sell is of higher quality than usual
    Faster. You have much faster deliveries than your competitors
    Different. What you sell is unique and different from the crowd
    Cheaper. Your prices are different from the rest of the market

    Having good and unique USPs in your store can help your customers make the right purchasing decision. Analyze your industry and think about what it lacks. If you succeed in finding the unique with your particular store, you have a real advantage over your competitors during Black Friday and other sales periods. 

    Once you have reached your USPs, you can communicate them on your homepage. At Abicart, you have access to this component in all our updated themes. You can select an icon and then type a text. The component also supports HTML where you can enter your own text. The blocks adapt to how many USPs you have and are centered automatically. 

    You can add the component under Appearance> Themes> Edit> Home> + Add new block> Unique Selling Points

    Creating unique discount codes
    Being able to offer a discount code can be a powerful marketing strategy for your store, and especially during big sales days like Black Friday. Discount codes are codes you can give out to your customers to give them an extra good offer.

    You can create discount codes for individual products and customers or create temporary promotional offers for products in your store. You can also enter a date when the code is valid, how many times a code can be used and how much a customer must shop for before the discount can be used.

    Here are some different types of discounts to choose from to create a unique discount code with us at Abicart:

    • Cheapest product for free
    • Free shipping discount
    • Buy X pay for Y discount
    • Percentage discount

    Here's how to create a discount code.

    When your discount code is activated, it's time to share it with your customers. This is a perfect opportunity for you to send out a newsletter, share a nice picture with your followers on social media or create an entire campaign with several different discount codes.

    Increase conversion with a live chat
    With a higher number of visitors during Black Friday, it can be smart to have a good customer service ready to answer questions. Often, an integrated live chat in your store can be both smoother, faster and more accessible to your customers than phone and email. Getting an answer to your question at the moment of the decision or during the purchase process can in many cases be decisive for whether the purchase is completed or not. 

    Be out in good time and test which chat function suits you and your store best. Posting the actual chat is usually done in the form of a script or ID that you post yourself, which makes it relatively easy to test. When you test, you can also see how the chat is displayed on the mobile. Here it is important that the chat does not cover too much of the screen in, for example, the cash register.

    Prepare price changes in peace and quiet with the function price lists
    As an e-retailer or store owner, you probably have the campaigns ready and prices set for the big sales day. But how do you enter prices in a profitable and efficient way?

    With the price lists function, you can prepare all price changes in peace and quiet before Black Friday. Then you can easily switch to the price list that will apply when it becomes relevant. If you have already activated price lists in your Abicart store, you also have access to the "Black Friday function". Activate the function under Discounts> Scheduling.

    Make your customers more confident and increase sales with reviews
    Adding product reviews to your store is a great way to increase interaction with your customers. The reviews can also help you improve your store conversion and increase sales by your customers writing product reviews that convey a sense of trust to new potential customers. Product reviews contain a wealth of great information that is not found anywhere else. These are personal and valuable insights that you get directly from the buyer. This helps build trust and describes what sets your products apart from other competitors.

    Why is it important to collect reviews?

    • Proactively collecting reviews will help you ensure that your business is properly reflected
    • Without a strategy for managing reviews, you run the risk of being overlooked
    • Responding to reviews can help you retain customers and reduce future customer losses

    At Abicart, you can let your customers review products directly on the product page. You have the opportunity to choose between these suppliers for your product reviews: Trustpilot and Yotpo. The reviews are provided by the selected supplier. At Trustpilot or Yotpo, you can also choose between different looks and templates, which can be adjusted to your own wishes. Get started with product reviews at Abicart

    Focus on related products for bestsellers
    When bestselling products disappear during Black Friday, it can be smart to review related products. Showing alternative products gives you an extra advantage if a best-selling product runs out during the sale. If a product is out of stock, you can easily lead the visitor on to the options you have suggested. It may then be appropriate to relate alternative products that are also price-reduced during Black Friday. Then you can always be prepared to offer an alternative that replaces sale items that are out of stock.

    Start an e-commerce store today!

    abicart - orange-3It should be really easy to sell online and quickly gain access to a global market. Abicart is the perfect e-commerce platform for you who want to sell online. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to start and run a great store. Abicart started as a Textalk Webshop back in 1998, and today we have solid experience of e-commerce - with more than 3800 satisfied customers. With new technology, we simplify what you want to achieve for your store to develop and grow us. Get started right away and sell for free for 30 days.    

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