By Oliver Björkdahl on 11/11/20 8:54 AM

    Expert's tips - Speed up Facebook advertising ahead of Black Friday

    My name is Oliver and I work at Red Carpet Marketing. We help many of our customers with their advertising during Black Friday and here are some tips on how to succeed with your marketing strategy during Black Friday. I work mainly with Facebook and Instagram and will in this blog post talk about how you use Facebook for your Black Friday marketing.

    There are a number of different ways to work with Black Friday. For example, to run Black Week instead of Black Friday. In this way, you have a greater chance of getting conversions via your Facebook advertising as it is a much larger window for your customers to have time to act on your offer.

    How long should my ads run?
    When it comes to Facebook, there is a review period and a learning phase for the ads. If you do not think about this and start the ad on Friday morning, there is a chance that the ad does not even have time to start showing before it is too late.
    Therefore, you should produce your ad copy and offer already the Monday before and post this in Facebook Ads Manager and put the ad group and ad live but close the campaign. This will allow the ad to be reviewed without running and you will secure delivery in advance. The same applies if you choose to run Black Week. A few days before, you can place your ad and leave it "on" under the ad and ad group, but close the campaign until it's time to run it.

    Plan ahead and be clear in the announcement when the offer starts and how long it lasts. If your offer is only valid on Black Friday, start the ad the day before so you know it is guaranteed to be live on Friday.

    Which target group should I choose? 
    It all depends on how much advertising budget you have planned to spend on your Black Friday campaign. If you are a small company, you can choose a Retargeting target group of 180 days instead of 30 days. This is to have as large a target group as possible with as relevant potential customers as possible. 30 days should be your standard in other advertising as you are still relevant after 30 days, but during Black Friday / Black Week you can remind previous visitors up to 3 months back.

    If you have a larger click budget and want to reach out further, I would recommend that you also try Lookalikes on previous customers where you also exclude Retargeting. This means that this Lookalike ad group will only target completely new potential customers who have not visited your site before. 

    It is important if you choose to set up a Lookalike, then also to exclude Lookalikes in your Retargeting ad group so that there is no overlap between the ad groups. 

    Should I pause other ads?
    If you already have well-performing ads, I do not think these should be paused, but try to allocate your budget to Black Friday by reviewing the ad groups from which there is room to budget. But as I said, do not turn off high-performing ads and promotions.

    What type of material should I use? 
    For Retargeting, it is necessary to give feedback to their brand through color and graphic elements. This is so that your potential customers can quickly see that it is your company that now has a Black Friday campaign. Also be clear with your offer. Now that Facebook has removed the limit of 20% text over image, you can do this in several creative ways. 

    For completely new customers that you try to reach through Lookalikes, it is necessary to present the company to the potential customer at the same time as you get your Black Friday offer. Then it may be relevant with a carousel ad.

    Discount code or not Discount code, that's the question
    We have worked with both discount codes, selected products, and discounted prices throughout the range. Try to analyze previous SALE results and what worked best for your target group and make a decision accordingly.

    All the best and good luck with Black Friday!

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